Patient Privacy

Notice of Privacy Practices
We are Required by law to keep your health information private and provide you with a copy of this Notice. We are also required by law to follow the terms of this Notice as long as it is in effect. If you have any questions about this Notice, please contact our Administrator at Orangeburg Medical Group. 1448 Florida Ave. Modesto, Ca. 95350 (209) 552-1884.

Who Will Follow This Notice?

  1. Treating health care professionals and others who enter information into the health record we maintain about you.
  2. Our employees, physicians, allied health professionals, students, and volunteers.
  3. Members of our organized health care arrangement with which we share health information.
  4. Any business associate with which we share health information.
This Notice applies to all of the records relating to your care maintained by Orangeburg Medical Group, regardless of whether such records are generated or received and/or whether they were created by OMG’s staff or your own doctor.
How We May Use and Disclose Health Information About You
  1. We may use and disclose health information about you to:
    1. Provide you with medical treatment or services (such as sharing information with a consulting physician who has been asked to examine your health information). We also may share health information about you with people outside our organization who may be involved with your medical care after you leave the organization. These people include family members (unless you object), home health agencies, nursing homes, or others we use to help provide services that are part of your ongoing care;
    2. Bill and collect payment from you, your insurance company or a third party. For example, we may need to give your health plan information about a procedure performed on you so that they will pay us, or reimburse you, for the cost of the procedure. We also may share health information with our business associates who assist us with billing and collection. Our business associates include billing companies, claims processing and pre-certification companies, collection agencies, clearing houses and others that process our health care claims.
    3. Assist us with our healthcare operations. For example, we may use your health information about you to review our treatment and services, or to evaluate the performance of our staff. We may also share your health information with our business associates that assist us with heath care operations and perform other administrative activities on our behalf.
  2. We may contact you to remind you that you have an appointment, to follow up on health care services that were provided to you, to tell you about treatment alternatives or to tell you about other health related benefits and services that may be of interest to you.
  3. We may share health information about you with family members or friends whom you indicate are involved in your medical care. In certain disasters and related emergency situations, we share health information about you with disaster relief organizations (such as the Red Cross, etc.) so that your family can be notified about your condition, status and location.
  4. In certain situations, we may use and share health information about you for research purposes. However, all research projects are subject to a special review and approval process designed, among other things, to ensure the privacy of your health information. We may disclose health information about you to people preparing to conduct research (for example, to help them look for patients with specific, medical needs).
  5. We may use or disclose health information about you without your permission only as allowed by law. Examples of situations where we may be required to release health information about you include: emergencies, public health, health or safety threats, reporting abuse or neglect, health oversight and audit activities, national security, coroners, medical examiners, funeral directors, organ/tissue donation, and workers’ compensation. We also may be required by law to provide health information about you in response to request from law enforcement officials in limited circumstances, correctional institutions, or as part of legal proceedings in response to valid judicial or administrative orders and/or other valid legal authority.